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Derrick Burgess, MD | South Central Sports Medicine

Posted on May 6, 2019

“Mentorship has always been a big inspiration in my life. I was first generation of medicine in my family. South Central Regional Medical Center was a great opportunity for me to grow and be in a leadership role. I serve as a leader, a mentor and a physician. I thrive on being personable with the patient and their family. It is a valuable asset of working in a small community.

My sports medicine practice has grown over the years. I have a close knit team of trainers, patients and coaches that look to me for input. They trust me. My goal is to safely return the athlete to their sport.

We have all the things you need in our community to rehabilitate an athlete. You don’t have to take them outside of their hometown. Injury prevention is a huge focus of our program. Strengthening, stretching, core strengthening – the full spectrum of injury prevention.

Whatever patients or youth in the community want to do, I try to encourage them to do their best. You don’t have to just dream about it, you can achieve it.” Derrick Burgess, MD

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