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SCRMC HealthBreak | Dry Needling

Posted on April 3, 2018

Dry needling is a relatively new type of physical therapy treatment, and has been shown to help a lot of people. Blake Sherman, physical therapist at the South Central Wellness Center, says the process of dry needling is fairly simple. He says that it is a minimally invasive procedure where they take a monofilament needle and insert the needle into specific points on the body. The most common thing that people struggle with is the pain right below your neck, since there tends to be a lot of trigger points in the upper trapezius muscle. Those pain spots, or trigger points, can be caused by sitting at a desk all day at work, or just by having poor posture. Thankfully, dry needling can reduce that chronic pain. It usually only takes one to two treatments to notice a change.

To learn more about the dry needling technique, call South Central Rehabilitation Services at (601) 399-0530 or visit

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