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SCRMC Healthbreak | Wellness Center – Body Pump

Posted on April 3, 2018

Everyone knows that staying active is vital both for our physical and our mental health. Research has shown that when a person establishes an active fitness habit, their overall well-being improves. The South Central wellness center in Laurel is here to help you achieve this goal. Misty Merrill, an exercise physiologist, talks about everything the wellness center has to offer including: aerobics classes, personal training, a pool, water aerobics, free weights, and weight machines. Recently, South Central launched the first LesMills fitness program in the area. LesMills is a high intensity group training program. It is a strength training cardio class, and it uses a smartbar, which is like a barbell with weights attached at the end that can also be used as dumbbells. This program has been around for over thirty-five years and continues to show results. “Anybody can come to this class.” This program routine is refreshed every three months and instructed by highly trained instructors at the wellness center.

For one, low monthly rate, anyone can join South Central’s wellness center and start an active lifestyle today. Learn more by visiting

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