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Adam Dixon, Stringer | Scholar Athlete

Posted on October 26, 2016

Adam Dixon, Senior at Stringer High School, was selected as a South Central Sports Medicine Scholar Athlete. Adam plays Football and Basketball for the Stringer Red Devils. After graduation, Adam would like to major in Civil Engineering.

Adam was asked what motivates his desire to excel in athletics. He responded with, “My teammates. No matter what, we are a team. Winning or losing, effort will always trump talent.” His goal for the upcoming season is to lead a team that will always be remembered.

As a senior athlete, Adam encourages his younger teammates to never give up, and to continue to work hard because their time in the spotlight is coming. Adam gives this advice from his own personal efforts. He was asked who he looks up to as an athlete and he responded, “I look up to Coach Jody Rowell because he gave me a chance when no one else would.”

South Central Sports Medicine presents the 2016-2017 Class of Scholar Athletes. Senior Athletes were selected by Athletic Directors of their respective schools. Athletes were selected based on their leadership on and off the playing field, their attitude of sportsmanship and grade point average. South Central Sports Medicine congratulates each athlete for their dedication to their sport and their school.


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