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Restoring Maximum Capacity with Hand Therapy Rehabilitation

Posted on September 27, 2023

Restoring Maximum Capacity with Hand Therapy Rehabilitation

If you have an injury, loss of motion, and pain or swelling of the upper extremity and hand, our Certified Hand Therapist at South Central Rehabilitation Services can help restore your quality of life.

Our Certified Hand Therapist Provides Services for:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Tendon Injuries/Repairs
  • Tendonitis
  • Repetitive Injuries
  • Nerve Palsies
  • Neurologic injuries includes stroke, TBI, spinal cord injuries, etc.

A medical provider referral is required.

Injuries or conditions that affect the upper limbs need specialized care for optimal recovery. South Central Rehabilitation Services offers Hand Therapy services with Alaura Culpepper, MOTR/L, Certified Hand Therapist. The program includes services designed specifically to help patients through pre- and post-operative treatment, preventative care, injury care and chronic condition management.

Benefits of Therapy

  • Reduces Recovery Time Post Surgery
  • Minimizes Post-Surgical or Injury Related Scarring
  • Helps Manage Daily Living Activities
  • Reduces Symptoms of Nerve and Joint Conditions
  • Improves Range of Motion & Function

To learn more about Hand Therapy Services available at South Central Rehabilitation Services, call 601-399-0530.

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