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Rase Jones Chosen for MS-AL Senior All-Star Football Team

Posted on November 27, 2023

The Friday night lights have been shining brightly in Soso this fall. The first-year head coach, Corey Reynolds, has a talented group of student-athletes who have poured blood, sweat, and tears to make this season an unforgettable experience for the school. The group is headed to Oxford, Mississippi, this Friday to compete in the 6A MS State Football Championship.

One standout athlete among the group has been 17-year-old senior, Rase Jones. Rase, who plays linebacker for the Mustangs, was recently selected to represent West Jones, Jones County, and the state of Mississippi in the Mississippi-Alabama Senior All-Star Football Game on December 16th at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Rase was asked how he felt being chosen to represent Mississippi. “Great! I’m super excited. It is a great honor and I am very blessed to be chosen. I am thankful for Coach Reynolds and his guidance. He has played a big role.” Rase will report to USM on Tuesday, December 13 to begin practices with other senior student-athletes from Mississippi.

Along with a stand-out record in football, Rase has excelled in academics. He currently holds a 4.1 GPA and is dual enrolled in area colleges to stay ahead in his courses. When asked what his favorite class has been throughout high school, Rase replied, “Chemistry with Mrs. Deniakos.” Rase was asked about his plans after high school. “Currently, I am undecided on where I would like to attend college, but I want to be able to play football. And while I am playing football, I want to major in pre-medicine and later enter a dentistry program.”

Determination is something Rase possesses that is recognized by others around him. It can be seen on and off the field. South Central Sports Medicine team members have been able to witness this firsthand. Joel Pierce, DPT, ATC, CSCS, serves as one of the trainers for the West Jones Mustangs. When asked about Rase, Pierce stated, “Rase is among one of the hardest-working high school athletes we have had the opportunity to work with. Whether it has been at our Saturday Morning Injury Clinic following a Friday night game, or in pre-game preparation, he has always given his best effort to the game and to all of us who have had the pleasure of working with him.”

Rase pictured with mom, Jenna Headrick, and sister, Vivienne.

One characteristic that is continually stated about Rase is the word leader. Whether it is showing up with fellow teammates to the elementary football practices to help train future mustangs or taking extra time after class to help tutor a classmate, Rase is committed to being a leader.

When asked what being a leader means to him, he stated, “We have a player-led team so it requires us to be leaders. It makes us more responsible, more hardworking and helps us all to buy into the main goal. Through this, I have learned how to communicate, how to react in situations, and how to work together. Most of us have played together for over 6 years and it’s been a benefit because we can all support each other.”

Rase, who has used services from South Central Sports Medicine, puts forth the effort to make his performance level as high as it can be. “Working with the trainers has been great. They train us to be better athletes, physically and mentally. The Sports Medicine team takes care of us and works with us to perform at our highest level. It gives us comfort to know that if something happens, they are going to be there to help.”

South Central Sports Medicine congratulates Rase on being selected to represent our area in the Mississippi-Alabama Senior All-Star Football Game. The team is proud of Rase’s achievements this season and the future ahead for him.

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