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Sports Medicine Services Available Locally

Posted on August 28, 2023

South Central Regional Medical Center’s commitment is to help you and your family enjoy optimum health through every stage of life. Included in our comprehensive range of treatments and

Dr. Thomas Baylis Orthopedic Surgeon / Sports Medicine Medical Director

wellness programs is South Central Sports Medicine and Performance+. The sports medicine and performance enhancement program provides full spectrum care to all types of athletes. The program involves a conglomeration of physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, exercise physiologists and athletes who seek to provide the best care possible for athletes in our area.

South Central Sports Medicine and Performance+ is led by orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist, Dr. Thomas Baylis. Dr. Baylis explains the importance of the Sports Medicine program, “At South Central Sports Medicine we provide total care for the athlete. We provide services for injury prevention, surgical care and rehabilitation for return to play. We know the importance of sports to an athlete, so we are here to help through each stage.”

Prevention of an Injury

South Central Sports Performance+ is an Athletic Enhancement program offered to kids starting at age 12 and up. This program offers training in all types of sports – football, soccer, tennis, golf, volleyball, swimming and more – to help athletes maximize their potential on the field. By participating in this program, athletes are able to improve their skills, learn techniques for preventing injury and ultimately reach their optimal athletic performance.

Chuck Everwine, Program Coordinator, explains the program. “By participating in our Sports Performance+ program, athletes are able to maximize their potential on the field. It is 360 degrees of care for athletes. We train each participant in mobility, strength, speed and agility. Each sport has its own specific need, so every athlete has a workout tailored to their skill level.”

When an Injury Occurs

Joel Pierce, PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS

Not only does the South Central Sports Medicine team provide care at their facility, but they also provide coverage for local athletic games and events. Joel Pierce, DPT, explains, “With the extensive coverage we provide to area sports, our team is on the field when the athlete gets injured. From there, we can follow them from time of injury to recovery. Our goal is to return the athlete to a competitive level as quickly as possible.”

South Central Sports Medicine offers a free Saturday Morning Injury Clinic to all area athletes who may have suffered an injury on Friday night and still faces issues on Saturday morning. The injury clinic is offered at South Central Wellness Center at 1002 Jefferson Street in Laurel.  “If a significant injury is found, we are able to get diagnostic services at SCRMC’s Emergency Department and then meet with our orthopedic providers to determine the next course of treatment,” says Pierce. “It is important that the athlete and the parents know we are here through every step of the recovery process.”

Pushing through to Recovery

Depending on the severity of an athlete’s injury, rehabilitation may vary from limited to extensive. South Central’s physical therapy program offers many forms of recovery that allows the athlete to enhance their performance and return to a competitive level as quickly as possible. After physical therapy, athletes are then referred to the Performance+ program to work to build an individual training program.

“Together, the physical therapist and I create an individualized program for the recovering athlete,” states Everwine. “Athletes will continue to see their surgeon, their physical therapist and myself during recovery. We are all involved in every step of the way.”

The South Central Sports Performance+ facility features a 6,000 square foot space with 4,000 square feet of turf. Services and programs offered include: High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Training for Specific Athletic Programs, Common Athletic Injury Prevention Training, Flexibility and Strength Training and Rehabilitation of Athletes Post Injury

Our Goal: Helping You Stay in the Game

Chuck Everwine

Dr. Baylis states, “From entry level athletes to those who are working on specific skill sets, our program is tailored to improve performance and safety. Any athlete who is well-trained will perform their sport better than an athlete who simply just shows up to play the sport.”

The Sports Medicine team at South Central Regional Medical Center is pleased to work with area sports teams to provide medical care and improve their athletic performance.  Our Saturday Morning Injury Clinic expedites care to injured athletes during football season. The free injury clinic is located at the South Central Wellness Center at 1002 Jefferson Street in Laurel. For more information on this service, call 601-399-0530.

This program is a service to our community athletic programs to assist them in maintaining the highest level of safety and performance in our student athletes.  Certified athletic trainers make weekly visits to local high schools to consult with coaches and evaluate athletes.  We assist with addressing acute injuries and accessing medical care promptly if needed.  We provide guidance and assistance for a safe return to sports at an optimal performance level.  Our trainers provide event coverage to all of the football games and as many other athletic events throughout the year as possible.

To learn more about the South Central Sports Medicine and Performance+ program, please visit, follow us on Facebook or call 601-399-6246.

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