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Courtney Booth, Northeast Jones | Scholar Athlete

Posted on September 5, 2017

Courtney Booth, Senior at Northeast Jones High School, was selected as a South Central Sports Medicine Scholar Athlete. Courtney plays softball, volleyball and basketball at Northeast Jones. After Courtney graduates in May, she plans to continue her education and pursue a degree as a registered nurse.

As an athlete, Courtney finds motivation from younger teammates. “It’s truly inspiring to know others are looking up to you and learning from your behavior and habits. As a senior, I want to be a great leader and leave an impact for our team and school.” Courtney’s role model is someone she respects, admires and learns from daily. That person is her mother. If she could meet one famous athlete, she would choose Tim Tebow because of his dedication to his goals.

South Central Sports Medicine presents the 2017-2018 Class of Scholar Athletes. Senior Athletes were selected by Athletic Directors of their respective schools. Athletes were selected based on their leadership on and off the playing field, their attitude of sportsmanship and grade point average. South Central Sports Medicine congratulates each athlete for their dedication to their sport and their school.

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