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SCRMC HealthBreak | South Central Sports Performance+ Comprehensive Program

Posted on July 24, 2018

To help athletes maximize their potential in their sport, the South Central Regional Medical Center sports medicine program offers an athletic enhancement program called Sports Performance+. Spike Richards, coordinator of the program, explains that every athlete has a specific workout just for them. If an athlete sustains an injury, the Sports Performance+ program offers comprehensive care beginning with an evaluation through SCRMC’s highly skilled orthopedic group, South Central Orthopaedics. Once they do the surgery, the athlete will have physical therapy. Once physical therapy is finished, the athlete is brought back to Spike Richards. Richards and the physical therapist will work together to come up with a personalized workout program. Parents feel comfortable with their children in the program because they can constantly see the surgeons, physical therapists, and the coordinator of the program.

To learn more about the comprehensive sports medicine program, visit or call (601) 399-0530.

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