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Wellness Center Member Feature | Courtney Jones

Posted on February 11, 2019

Take Steps for a Healthier Life with Help through Personal Training

Wellness Center Member Feature: Courtney Jones

Now is the time that many people set personal goals for each new year. Yet this year, Wellness Center member, Courtney Jones, is planning to keep her same goal from the previous year. In January of 2018, Courtney joined the South Central Wellness Center. At that time, she weighed 345 pounds, was on multiple medications, had high blood pressure and considered pre-diabetic and borderline high cholesterol. Today, in January 2019, Courtney weighs 195 pounds and is considered in great health.

“Since high school, I have taken high blood pressure medication and other medicines to maintain my health,” said Jones. “Today, under doctor’s orders, I take no medication. My weight loss has become a lifestyle for me. My doctor continued to explain to me that if I did not change my lifestyle I would have a stroke or heart attack by age 45.”

Those words caused Courtney to reevaluate her life and what was important to her. After a few weeks of membership at the Wellness Center, Courtney started using personal training services offered through the facility. Misty Merrill, Exercise Physiologist, CPT, established a program of exercise and encouragement for Courtney.

Misty explains, “There are many people who want to make a lifestyle change, join a gym but are unsure what to do and where to start. At the Wellness Center, we have personalized programs through personal training that are available. The members are able to learn what works best for their health and body, as well as how to achieve maximum results. Courtney is a great example of determination and hard work.”

Courtney was asked about her experience at the Wellness Center. “Being a member is such a great opportunity for me. I have met so many people that encourage me. It is a positive environment without intimidation. The staff and other members have become friends. I thank God for putting me in the right environment and helping me along this journey. It is great to be healthy and happy.”

South Central’s Wellness Center personal training focuses on the physical dimension of health and wellness. The personal trainers are nationally certified and available to develop an exercise program specifically for individual fitness needs.

A healthy lifestyle is not just being a member at a gym, but about building a relationship to achieve a new life. “The thought, ‘you did not gain the weight overnight, so you cannot lose it overnight’ continued to replay in my mind,” said Jones. “The Wellness Center continues to encourage me and hold me accountable for my progress.”

If you are interested in using a personal trainer, call today to schedule your free consultation. A consultation is an opportunity for you to meet with a certified personal trainer. This session is used for you and your trainer to discuss any and all of your goals, questions or concerns relating to fitness and wellness. This is done to ensure that you receive a quality personal fitness program and are medically ready for exercise. To schedule a consultation, please stop by the Wellness Center or call (601) 399-0530 ext. 3.

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